New to Generation Church?
We'd love to get to know you!

You might be wondering, what's it really like at Generation Church? Simply states, at Gen Church, we're all about Jesus, spreading the Gospel and meaningful relationships.


Want to know the best part? You can come as you are! We are here to be there through the struggles and the good times. We understand that its okay to not be okay. If that is where you are today you have found the right place.

When does church start?

We start at 11:07 every Sunday morning!

How long is a Generation CHURCH service?

Our services typically last about an hour and include times of prayer, singing, listening to a sermon, responding to the message and fellowship. Our worship services have a blended style, which means we have a good mix of classic hymns and modern worship songs.

What Should I wear?

Most of our church members dress in a casual and comfortable style. You'll notice some tend to dress up for church and others don't. Feel free to wear what is comfortable for you.